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Admins can easily add friends from their LINE friends list.Just make sure you’re friends with the person you want to add beforehand.

Room and username doesn't have to be handled as a secret information (unlike the password).

Joining a room with an incorrect password will end up with a bunch of random characters instead of plain text messages.

Turn on Live Call and members can call your phone to chat without exposing anyone's phone number. The message will be waiting in your mailbox the next time you call Live Match.

Welcome to Ki SS Chat rooms, The best UK online Chat, Friendship and Entertainment portal connecting people worldwide.

Our free chat rooms are open 24/7 to chatters Join the UK chat site for international chat apps, chat message board, blog, games, meet new people or listen to music, free sms and much more!

[email protected] is best used by taking advantage of its 3 main features for distributing information: messages, 1-on-1 chats, and posts to Home.

You can group chat with other members of your Lifesize group by joining them in a meeting room.

To join a group chat, choose the meeting room and click to join. People outside of your Lifesize account cannot participate in chat, nor will they see the chat conversation.

The Chat page maintains your chat history and displays the most recent chat.

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