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I stayed up waaaaay too late last night, working on my Christmas project. Not as many movie channels as I am not into the "newer" ones and seems AMC is no longer classics. I will soon be time to get out the Christmas decorations. Barb and I went out for dinner last night and we really had a nice visit. I said I bought them scarfs with Santa on them and remembered my granddaughter's boyfriend's dog, Dexter so I bought him one today and will mail it to her. The first time we were there we could only use tourist dollars and the second time we used US dollars. I don't think he ever used anything I bought him, so I decided to just get these items and give him the receipt along with them and he can just return them.

Hope she will give my knee a steroid shot and I don't need to go any further. My daughter wants to drive to Maryland today - our weekly outing. We were to have snow, last night, but, I don't see any on the ground here "yet" but it is in effect until sometime tomorrow. The day turned out mostly sunny with no wind and just seeing the sunshine is so nice. Mary Lou- The decision to wait for a while will put your mind at ease. Watching Brat Baier on FOX and seeing the traffic and bike lanes. Well, guess we are going to have dinner here at my house, and only me, DD, DGS and maybe oldest DGS will try to stop by on Saturday after Thanksgiving as well, now unless my DD changes her mind and doesn't come up from down state.

I really don't need a lot of meats, as I've picked up a little extra each trip for the freezer, but we can do that quickly and maybe explore some new places. Take care, Leona Like the Hallmark movies Dot hope your knees stay good that is great having Laura, Eric & Aelric for Christmas Doris Happy to know you will think of doing the back later Mary Lou & enjoy with sister Healing thoughts for you sister Rosie All the best everyone Leona, I am in Grayling, Mi. I did my 60 minutes walking and finished my dusting and polishing the furniture. Last year I was in the hospital and my GD put the tree up for me. The first time we were in Beijing there were more bikes then cars and the second time there were more cars then bikes and now I see the bike areas. I did a chair yoga this afternoon and the lady next to me said our insurance is switching to LA Fitness. Oh yes, we are to get snow tonight, so I went out to the garage and got my shovels and brought them in the house, I had off from work today and am off tomorrow, but work on Friday My sis had a heart attack on Sunday and is in hospital, they tried on Tuesday to do surgery but had to stop as there were too many blockages, so as far as I understand, they'll do some other kind of surgery on Friday I am not sure, I'll try and call her tomorrow. My dd dropped me off in front of Penney's (I had a $10 off coupon I didn't want to lose) and I know my sil is very hard to buy for, but I know he sometimes buys clothes at Penney's, so I bought a sweater and shirt that he will probably return as he does with most of what my dd gets him.

It will be two months the 27 of Nov and still miss her.

I am making pot roast for dinner and need to go cook the squash. I haven't walked but will do it later as have to stay here cooking. Saw a service dog being given to a vet on the Today show and my tears came for Hailey.

A good morning for the roast as it was 20 this morning with frost on the ground.

I would love another animal to love but just too emotional for when they have to leave us.

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Went to 8 dogs and 3 cats and just too much now to take. We have changed our logo so people will know we are not only a writing board, but a weight loss one too.

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