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Captain Party (Angela) and her sister were lucky enough to have the historic Northstar bar in the North Beach neighborhood of San.. Please bear with us as we talk about how hot we were over the weekend when it was over 100 degrees in the City by the Bay and also our s**t talking about that thing called Burning Man. Lakeith Stanfield picks good characters to play on film or maybe they just pick him.The actor's film credits include Short Term 12, DOPE, Straight Outta Compton, Selma, Get Out, and now Crown Heights.Wow, Amy Seimetz is kicking some serious ass down in Hollywood.

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Your basic bitches are back chatting it up and catching up on life.

So much has happened in just a week WE NEED TO VENT.

Listen in on our roundtable chat with all three gentlemen.. We had time to sit down in the studio and record another basic bitch talk after a crazy weekend in San Francisco.

Listen in as we talk about Outside Lands, Charlottesville, Trump voters, Nick Kroll, Jeff Goldblum, and John Stamos (of...

Sean was kind enough to spend a little more time with us to discuss his latest film The Florida... We road tripped up to the lovely little city of Reno again, this time for CHILI!

Listen in as we catch up and tell you about our trip up to Reno, all of the chili we could eat, best BEER we drank, new friends we met, and an update about the...

We are pleased to introduce to our Bitch Talk audience a woman who is kicking ass in the cycling world.

Her name is Coryn Rivera and she's taking no prisoners.

We caught up with Coryn all the way across the world in the Netherlands as she is gearing...

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