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In those days mention a name and you instinctly knew who the person was or had an idea of.

And then there were those who were just ordinary folk, whom you did not know at all yet knew of them.

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Growing up in Durban from the 50s onwards, there were certain individuals one came to meet possibly through the business they had or perhaps they were just well known names in and around Durban.Free chat rooms are free to enter and you can join a chat whenever you have time to relax for a minute and have a nice talk about different things.Having children means you have to dedicate most of your time to them, as they constantly need your help, advice and love.As someone else pointed out to me that in the 50s and 60s, Durban was a relatively close knit community and through a friend of a friend there was this network that existed of knowing people.There were some individuals of those times that everyone knew about but perhaps had never met.But chat rooms might save you a lot of time, as there is no need in going out in the city center or whatever other place, you can stay at home and have a chat with people whom you might like.

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