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A unusual, wordless fantasy about a snow rabbit that appears out of nowhere and grows larger as each page turns. Leaving the wheelchair in the forest, and having no parents waiting for the girls after they were out past dark struck me as odd.I imagine sensitive young children would be worried (perhaps even haunted) about these things..I'd have no good answers for them. Point 3: possibly the first children's picture book I have EVER read with a main character who has a disability, but disability isn't the focus of the book.

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The illustrations are pretty, color choice are subtle and classic , with effective focal points and composition.

When I read just a few pages, I was thinking is it going to be the same as fox garden ? Fortunately the story starts to flow into a other direction.

Two sisters look longingly through their window at the snowy sky.

One goes out and sculpts a little rabbit, but when she brings it back inside to her wheelchair-bound sister, it begins to melt.

I don't really count them as part of my number of books for the year but I love keeping track of them.

This one, The Snow Rabbit, does not have a story, just the most beautiful art story by the author Camille Garoche.

Garoche creates the art through cut-paper illustrations and they are simply gorgeous.

I'm going to track down her other book at our library.

Princess Camcam) mo Two sisters look longingly through their window at the snowy sky.

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