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Videocassette courses are identical to telecourses with the exception that students rent the complete series of videotapes and view them at their convenience.The tapes must be returned to the e Learning Office at the end of the quarter.For more information, visit Online study groups, student discussion forums, and contact with the course instructor via email enhance the learning experience. Some courses may require limited on-campus visits; please check the individual course description.

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Washington Online courses (WAOL) require a technology fee.

Video rental and licensing fees may apply for telecourses and videocassette courses.

The Seattle Colleges offer a wide range of e Learning options using the latest technology, through online courses, video cassette courses, and telecourses offered through the Seattle Colleges cable channel, SCC-TV. ELearning (DL) students experience the same curriculum, content and challenge as on-campus students at the Seattle Colleges and are able to earn the same degree.

The colleges are fully accredited, and with more than 150 courses to choose from, students can earn an A. DL classes are rigorous and require students to structure their own schedules, balancing their time around the assignments/requirements of the class.

Students can work directly with an advisor who will recommend courses relevant to the student’s goals, and develop an individualized degree completion plan.

State tuition applies in most courses and may be covered by financial aid.

Academic advising can help students decide whether e Learning is a good option for their personal situations.

Students can be put in touch with an advisor through email at [email protected], by calling the toll-free phone number: 1-888-801-3607, or by visiting the website at

Submission and grading of student work takes place online.

Most classes use bulletin boards for online discussion and do not require live chat.

Televised courses are offered through Seattle Colleges cable channel, SCC-TV in Seattle.

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