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There were people everywhere and all I could hear was “Porto, Porto” (means white person in Creole).But the Africans were absolutely amazing, they were answering all of the questions we had the same as we answered there’s.

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The Lodge we were staying in was much better than I had been expecting, but I just couldn’t get to grips with the things we had already seen, we had only been in the country an hour and on the car journey to the lodge I saw some crazy things..

Children walking round with no shoes on, people fighting casually in the streets and the roads are unexplainable people were driving like they were in a rally every two minutes I would find myself covering my face because I thought we were going to crash!

Having to go from seeing someone every single day of your life to knowing you’re never going to see that person again.

I went through a pretty bad time and lost all motivation, I didn’t want to be alive if she couldn’t watch me succeed what was the point?

I tried to take my life by overdosing on a stupid amount of tablets which I am not even sure I feel comfortable talking about but it happened.

I am still not over it to this day but I have since learnt how to control my feelings and it’s healthy to be upset sometimes because nobody can be strong all the time.But maybe if they would have given me the chance to just explain then things could have been better.At the beginning of my final year in High School the school had finally given up on all hope and kicked me out, but my teachers gave me the opportunity to go back and sit my GCSEs.While my exams were on the horizon I moved into an all girls hostel which wasn’t too bad at first but then I got kicked out the month after I lost my great-grandmother as I never went there for two weeks.My head was all over the place, we were so close and when I lost her it was like losing a limb.Not just for experience but also for knowledge, I learnt a lot about the issues that are going on all over the world right now.

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