help consolidating bills - Fox dating show with george lopez

A few celebs have decided to go for a dip in the TV dating pool.

In addition to Eva Longoria’s new NBC dating show, "Ready for Love" (which some predict may give “The Bachelor” a run for its money), comedian/TV personality George Lopez is also reportedly trying his hand at televised matchmaking.

What's romance without a few scrapes and mosquito bites?

Cameras caught the Hollywood couple walking into Dodger stadium wearing plenty of blue.

Justin sported ripped denim jeans and a matching button-down while Jessica opted for denim capris and a blue and white striped T-shirt.

Timely (if not always fresh-feeling) topics range from race and class to social media and last summer's Los Angeles drought. He's not hamming it up like he's waiting for the studio audience to laugh.

In this show, he plays down even his energetic stand-up persona for something more subdued.

The cast also includes Anthony “Citric” Campos, Hayley Huntley, James Michael Connor, Maronzio Vance, and Ashley Zamora.

While George wants to give back to the Latino community where he grew up, he feels like he never lives up to their lofty expectations.

Also: George gets into a twitter war with an angry groupie, hosts a celebrity golf tournament and tries to strengthen his Las Vegas residency show.

Slave for a Day George Takes a Hike Down and Drought in Beverly Hills George's Party Land of the Rings George Hosts a Golf Tournament My $uper $weet $ixteen George Doubles Down George Gets Roasted George Needs Vegas Lopez is unusually edgy for TV Land, taking on such topics as the perils of fame and making direct hits on Lopez himself.

Since I’m fond of Southwestern cuisine, I’ll say that I think it will be cancelled but this one could go either way.

Lopez, who came to wider renown with the ABC comedy “George Lopez,” will take another crack at the format in 2016 when Viacom’s TV Land launches “Lopez,” a half-hour serialized comedy slated to debut with 12 episodes.

After working all through season one to get a residency show in Vegas, season two of finds George motivated to move on to bigger and better things. This season will also see George move on from dating here and there and toward a steadier relationship.

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