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Before the incident, they knew that cyberbullying, sexting, and online predators were a problem, but when it happened in their own family, the dangers of the digital world became very real.Thankfully the child was unhurt, but the incident caused the two entrepreneurs to step back and think about the problem.Sure everyone needs money, but some furloughed employees have expressed the fact that they are also bored to tears.

Founderdating wall street journal

The tools from the u Know team utilize social, mobile, and location monitoring to help parents keep track of their kids through a single dashboard.

They also offer a notification system to alert the parents if kids engage in illegal or dangerous online behavior.

8, with an official launch timed for Valentine’s Day.

But with some press and word of mouth, the app exploded.

Startups are trying to help furloughed employees in whatever ways they can.

Last week we reported that Washington DC-based 1776 had launched a website to help match employees with job opportunities and volunteer work for startups.

u Know Kids is just the first program in their plans.

Soon they hope to release u Know Family, which will keep every family member connected.

They can do as much swiping as they’d like to narrow their dating field.

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