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They had been best friends in college, the two girls and two men sharing form rooms, getting together and forming a lifelong bond.We used to go out to visit at least once a year, down to Florida where the heat melted the ice out of our northern bones.

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I was feeling kind of nervous, and from the way Jen held herself I think she was too. It had been a while since I had seen them, a while since I had seen their daughter Bella. Bel was a year younger than Jen, which made her just about turned eighteen over summer.

Last time we had seen her she had been fourteen, buck toothed and freckled, with hair that couldn't decide whether it was red or auburn.

We were back on the road inside the hour and Jen took over behind the wheel. "Mom's gone to sleep and I'm about to so I need to change places." "S'cool," I said. It wasn't the best restroom I had ever pissed in, but it wasn't the worst, and the walk over in the cool night air woke me up, and the hot coffee would help as well. I found myself looking down at her legs where her skirt had bunched up and forced my eyes back to the road.

Mom changed places and sat beside her in front, and I stretched across the back seats and tried to catch some sleep. I slipped it into the holder between the two front seats and pulled gently back onto the interstate. " I whispered over my shoulder to Jen who was arranging herself in the back. Ever since that evening at home I had been looking at Mom differently, and it worried me.

Neither of us liked to think of Mom sitting at home on her own so we tried to get back every chance we could. It had been four years since Mom had seen Debbi and Jack.

When Dad was alive we used to meet up almost every year.Now, maybe some sun and warmth was going to do us all good.As I turned onto I-70, which would take us all the way to Louisville where we planned to stop for a late dinner, I said, "Pick some tunes, Mom.She had been a tomboy, and I don't think I recalled a single time I had seen her in anything other than sweats and dungarees.Sometimes the dungarees had been cut short, but they were still dungarees.I didn't expect to, but after a while listening to the tires on the road everything drifted away and the next thing I knew I was suddenly woken by silence and sat up to see we had pulled into an all night truck stop. "Passed Nashville about an hour back," she said, her voice as low as mine. We could stop around Montgomery for breakfast and be in Pensacola by ten. She opened her eyes a little and said, "Did you think I wouldn't wake up? Soon it was just me and the two sleeping women, the darkness slipping past, and the occasional lights of other traffic.

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