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The Hacienda Guachipelí* is the penultimate stop on our two-week Costa Rica family adventure tour.It lies on the slopes of the Rincó* de la Vieja volcano in the country's far north-west.

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But as I stood there on the hot pavement adjusting my backpack and trying to figure out where exactly I was in the mist and sun-filled village, he walked toward me clutching a small, neatly folded white receipt, which he handed to me before quickly walking away down a graveled path to God knows where.

Scrawled on the inside were his name and phone number.

The western Pacific slopes lie in the rain shadow, so their forests are more arid, with a dusty, thorny feel.

Our first stop was on neither slope, however, but in the misty highlands that divide them.

On the first day of my university program in Aix-en-Provence, several professors gathered us impressionable young female students for a very important lecture on the perils of encountering suave European men.

We were given strict instructions to “Never smile at a Frenchman while out at a bar…He will take that as an invitation to go home with you.” Naturally we hit the town that night, smiling in all directions ‘til our faces hurt.

There is even time to spot a troop of howler monkeys in the crown of a fig tree. Before we know it, we are pushing off into the current, abandoned to our fate like human Poohsticks.

By the time we swing off the final platform on a Tarzan rope – with the obligatory Johnny Weissmuller yodel – fun has definitely conquered fear. Next, we saddle up on the hacienda's patient horses and ride down to where the tumbling stream has become an impressive river. Tubing turns out to be a disconcerting business: one minute we're drifting along admiring the scenery; next, the current is drawing us into another set of rapids and our world has exploded into spray and screaming.

The volume is astonishing: this is reputedly the loudest voice on the planet yet it comes from an animal no larger than a cat. So far we've needed every minute of daylight to get through our breathless itinerary, and this morning at the Hacienda Guachipelín promises to be the most action-packed yet.

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