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" Jessica reeled back, remembering the cute guy she had met in class earlier. "You're still taking me jet skiing this weekend, right? He imagined how her curly brown hair would smell if he buried himself into her. He took a deep breath as the orgasm raced up his shaft. Blake chuckled, suddenly noticing how cute his sister was when she was embarrassed. Don't even worry about it." Blake smiled warmly up at her.

" "Wha--" Blake was incredulous, but decided to just give it up. After a moment of silence, Jessica turned to Blake and nudged him playfully. He closed his eyes and thought back to that fleeting moment when Jessica revealed her forbidden fruits. "N-no." Blake wasn't jacking off to porn this time. "Well, I guess we're even." She grinned shyly at Blake. I feel a little insecure sometimes." "Jess, you're beautiful.

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Just wondering." Jessica's eyes darted back and forth. " "Three days." Jessica frowned and glanced to the side, realizing how pathetic that excuse was. " Jessica put a finger to her chin and pretended to ponder.

He won't treat you right." "Hmm, I wonder who that reminds me of? "Just promise me you'll be careful." Jessica nodded silently. Always." Jessica covered her mouth and looked like she was about to cry.

" Jessica screamed in Blake's ear while pulling his hair. " Jessica's voice cracked as Blake fumbled with the controls, keeping his eyes dead ahead. It's so embarrassing." Jessica sobbed into Blake's shoulder as she clung onto him tightly, making sure her tits weren't exposed. Be honest." Jessica cupped her breasts and looked down.

I-I didn't mean to--" "Just take me back, goddamn it! " Blake grew exasperated, trying to suppress his own arousal.

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" Jessica flicked her hair and batted her eyes mockingly, imitating a ditzy blonde.

Technically, he was telling the truth, but if Jessica had asked that same question a week ago...

"It's complicated." "So both." "It's complicated." Blake gave Jessica a stern look.

"Yeah, I guess so." He sat down on the bed and scratched his head nervously. I'm sorry about what hap--" "It's okay," Jessica interrupted.

"I gotta go pick up Jessica." Blake kissed Laura's shoulder and neck before picking his clothes up off the floor.

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