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But First Net is still years away from even starting construction, much less providing any useful tools to first responders.

The story of how we got to this point is a classic tale of contemporary Washington—a tale of just how slowly and awkwardly and ineffectively the machinery of government often moves. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, one of the leading champions of the public-safety network, is not particularly surprised at the winding road it has taken.

The Salvation Army in Winton was helping out the family as they were members of the church, she said.

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That was no surprise to first responders or public-safety officials, who have long struggled to communicate during crises: As far back as 1967, President Lyndon Johnson’s Commission on Law Enforcement noted that, “in emergency situations that require mutual support, neighboring police departments cannot communicate because their radios operate on different frequencies.” After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and again during the Columbine shooting in 1999, first responders experienced communication problems.

Despite the predictable public outcry following each new failure, the same story has kept repeating itself.

“As soon as they went five or ten floors up in the buildings, they couldn’t talk to each other,” recalls Chuck Dowd, who was the head of New York’s 911 call center.

It got so bad that Dowd says he heard at least one fire lieutenant call 911—instead of using his own radio system—to report that a firefighter was in cardiac arrest and needed immediate help.

Others refused to leave because they were helping injured civilians or fellow firefighters.

But, according to , firefighters on higher floors never got the message.“It got to the point that people were literally writing messages on paper, putting them in bottles and dropping them from helicopters to other people on the ground,” Louisiana State Senator Robert Barham told Public-safety communications systems failed again during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and in the chaotic aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.A Justice Department investigation found that city and state police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, were using incompatible radio systems during last year’s protests and riots over the police shooting of Michael Brown.Four minutes later, another helicopter pilot also warned that he didn’t think the second tower could last much longer.Most of the police officers in the North Tower heard those warnings and were able to evacuate.One fire chief had to resort to using his bullhorn to relay the order, running between stairwells and shouting, “All FDNY, get the fuck out!

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