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The institution of slavery condemned a majority of slaves to agricultural and industrial labor and they lived hard lives.

In many of these cultures slaves formed a very large part of the economy, and in particular the Roman Empire and some of the Greek City-States built a large part of their wealth on slaves acquired through conquest.

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Slave trading was not very popular until later in Ancient Egypt. Only slaves with special traits were traded worldwide. Slaves with a special skill were more valuable than those without one.

Slaves had plenty of jobs that they could be assigned to.

Private ownership of slaves, captured in war and given by the king to their captor, certainly occurred at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550–1295 BCE).

Sales of slaves occurred in the Twenty-fifth Dynasty (732–656 BCE), and contracts of servitude survive from the Twenty-sixth Dynasty (c.

Some had domestic jobs, like taking care of children, cooking, brewing, or cleaning. They could be craftsmen or even get a higher status.

For example, if they could write, they could become a manager of the master's estate.

For many, being a slave in Egypt made them better off than a freeman elsewhere.

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