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This could be dangerous so get someone who knows what they are doing to do it. This will halt vertical growth and after a few weeks the plants will start to show either male or female characteristics. A good book on how to grow cannabis with pictures and good detail is essential for serious growing.

Use an appropriate fuse or better still, buy a circuit breaker. A standard and widely available 24hr timer will be fine. Growth space must be high enough to allow growth to about 60cm (2-3ft). Twice this height should be converted into a two level growing space by inserting a shelf.

How to grow cannabis indoors or how to grow cannabis outdoors you must have good seeds, some seedling soil, some small and large pots and depending on whether you're growing indoor or outdoor some lamps and all the toys around them.

The inside of this closet should be painted with flat white paint or coated with aluminum foil (or Mylar is you have it). It will probably be hotter than this so cut a small ventilation hole (10cm*10cm) in the top of the cabinet. Water the plants once a day and feed the plants twice a week with a standard miracle grow product in the water.

This will increase reflectivity and will make your lights more effective. Mount the lights vertically with one in each corner, as close to the top of the cabinet as possible. Try to use a high nitrogen plant food during vegetative growth (at the start) and a low nitrogen plant food during flowering.

Now anchored by the roots, and receiving water and nutrients, the embryonic leaves (cotyledons) unfold.

They are a pair of small, somewhat oval, simple leaves, now green with chlorophyll to absorb the life-giving light. The embryo has been reborn and is now a seedling living on the food it produces through photosynthesis.

This size can be varied depending on the number of plants but this is good for 25.

Remember to make sure that your lights will fit inside the closet.

First you may want to have some good fertilized soil, preferably peat moss, and you may want to use a little bit of miracle grow, which can be purchased at a low price at any plant shop, pretty muc Quik grow tips.

You must have either a 400 watt or 600 watt grow lamp. RATIO: 1 400 watt lamp = 1 squire meter of plants( /- 25 plants). A wooden closet of approximately 100*100*200cm would be good.

You should get the longest light that will fit into your space and the highest wattage you can find.

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