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I really want to be understanding to Mika, but this situation is becoming untenable.

One of my client organizations has recently transitioned its email system over to Google.

They utilize the Google chat to make calls and present documents on their screen.

I know that might seem like an odd thing to ask, but it’s become such a focal point that it’s truly disrupting the office.” Ideally her manager should have this conversation with Mika rather than you.

But as HR, you can coach her manager in how to do it.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no men’s shoe that exposes toes that would be considered professional attire.

That’s not always a perfect comparison — women’s work wear shows other body parts that men’s work wear doesn’t expose, like shoulders — but it’s something. When someone can’t attend a mandatory meeting I am a student boss at a university and we have a mandatory scheduled meeting and I said if you can’t make it then you can’t work this quarter. I’d say don’t schedule mandatory meetings for people who don’t work for you full-time.

Nina was flattered and she showed Mika several photos of herself with the cut, which she has had for three years.

She was honest about the maintenance and what goes into having the cut.

But in general, the more in-demand you are, the more ability you have to say “no, I don’t do that” (the same thing with showing up for all meetings in a hoodie or only being reachable from 3-4 and only on Tuesdays, or whatever). Open-toed shoes at job interviews Most standards of professional dress are somewhat arbitrary; they’re conventions because they’ve become conventions, not necessarily because there’s any inherent logic to them.

(Why are skirts okay but shorts of the same length aren’t?

(But if you feel her manager won’t do it effectively — if she’s inexperienced or terrible at delivering difficult messages — you could step in and handle it.

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