Error updating jscript intellisense jquery 1 5 1

For example: is not terribly useful given that you can specify 15 or so optional parameters in the 's' map...

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To get the static function to work you can make at least one small modification to j

If you modify j and only change the j Query function definition (at the top of j Query.js) like this: You get this Intellisense at the first level of j Query usage which is the most common usage scenario: Note that the single change addresses both j Query and $ function usage.

If you don't pause your video player at the right time, you might miss the location of the Share Point Java Script files.

I blogged a while ago about a rather ugly and hacky way in which you could get the goodness of j Query (and general Java Script) Intelli Sense in the Razor editor in Visual Studio 2010’s IDE.

You will see how to get Java Script Intellisense and debugging working for j Query and the Client Object Model.

You'll also learn about the benefits of using the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN).

In addition you can now do the following slightly non-standard j Query activation and get Intellisense: Note that the new operator is required to make this work.

Generally the j Query function is called through its static function (ie. In addition you also get Intellisense on the static object instance (not the function of j Query) so the following also gives you Intellisense: and you get Intellisense on the $ (same as j Query) instance.

This basically involved placing code similar to the following into every MVC view where you wanted Intelli Sense to show up: Well, since the release of Visual Studio 11 Beta, and the recent release of Visual Studio 2012 RC (Visual Studio 2012 is now the formal name of Visual Studio 11) we now no longer have to perform the above hack and clutter up our MVC views in order to enjoy the benefits of Intelli Sense.

In Visual Studio 2012 (hereafter referred to as VS2012) this has been achieved by allowing an additional file to be placed within the solution/project which will contain a list of “references” to other Java Script files that all MVC views will reference and honour.

In production you probably deploy the packed version anyway so this doesn't affect production code in any way anyway.

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