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Thanks to comments from Joshua Inkenbrandt, Alex and [3.5.1.

User-Agent Flow] This user-agent flow does not utilize the client secret since the client executables reside on the end user’s computer or device which makes the client secret accessible and exploitable.secret_type OPTIONAL.

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redirect_uri=REDIRECT_URL&code=CODE&state=STATE" for ::1 at 2015-11-28 0900 I, [2015-11-28T.941266 #9383] INFO -- omniauth: (facebook) Callback phase initiated.

E, [2015-11-28T.362811 #9383] ERROR -- omniauth: (facebook) Authentication failure!

We clearly made a mistake.(I also work at Facebook) We have systems that block spammy apps that are 99.9% of the time really incredibly sophisticated and get a ~0% false positive rate. All of my apps just vanished, including lots of apps that were built for clients.

We're working on restoring the set of apps that were accidentally disabled. (As people have pointed on the thread.)Sorry about this. I lost 4 apps but this is the most important one as it's integrated with an i OS app in the app store so I can't just create a new app and carry on as I've done for the other apps.

If any are not (and were disabled between 3pm and 5pm PST today), please let me know the app ID and I will investigate. Can people here verify that all of their apps are back?

My sincere apologies this happened - we are looking into ways of making sure this cannot happen again. (Make sure to reload the apps dashboard.)If you still have one that's missing can you paste the app id here?

From the looks of it, the only apps that returned were ones with multiple administrators.144346579010587 is another app id that didn't return. And just for clarification, this has been marked as resolved.

From their status page: "For updates, please subscribe to "That URL gives me a 404. Please help @chrisblizzard or @dweekly or anyone in charge or at least tell me what happened: I can't access FB Developers site (can't browse any app, read-only bugs section - can't subscribe or comment).

I'm still missing the majority of my apps.395120080593788 is one, I believe. My personal one stayed active, the one tied to work did not.

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