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But when we have a Keylogger installed in our PC, this time usually takes a little bit longer and it becomes perceptible only when we are writing phrases very quickly and some buttons do not detect that we have pressed them, or take longer than they should.

We can prove this by pressing CTRL ALT DEL (SUPR) when we see record of the process running in our PC and if there is some unknown process running, it might be a Keylogger., which will be incharge of detecting some malicious software when it is accessing to some private information or personal page, for example: your banks, Hotmail, etc.

It also has a massive multiplatform, because for been a communication media distributor, in Quick Time you can access the different programs and software that Apple has, which are more than 250 digital devices like Quick Time, thousands of multimedia CDS, which will make your music experience to go beyond and it also counts with more than 250 000 Web sites, which avoids you having to look in other media and the best of all, is that you can have at your disposal the biggest multimedia library with multimedia contents and a guarantee ensured.

The Quick Times interface is simple and very intuitive, because it has no add in other parts and is focused in performing its job, it has at your disposal several characteristics, including the 3GPP & 3GPP2, it also counts with a codec library NTSC / PAL, GIF files and animated GIF, image formats with great resolutions such as JPEG, Photo JPEG and JPEG 2000, besides from the Quartz Composer composition and many other tools.

The properties that this player has, is that it provides the user the possibility or organizing the music in playlists, editing the information, meaning, to change the name and the files format, to record them from the CDs, to through its own sales web site and be able to visualize the music playing, which can be represented through a graphic interface.

Another of the i Tunes characteristics is that its smart playlist automatically searches for songs according to the users criteria as a data base.

The MPEG 4 part 4, better known as MP4, is a type of format of the MPEG file, and it is used to save types of multimedia files, such as audio and video, this format was created by the company Moving Picture Expert Group and, also, by ISO / IEC, which have been the creators of many formats for multimedia files, such as , which took as extensions the formats of the type Mp4a, which is for audio, and Mp4v, which is for video, nowadays, the MPEG 4 type files can only be played through the format .

MP4a, but, at the same time, other format such as MP3 or the Apple lossless, can be added.

And the best of all, is that it can be created and modified by any user according to his or her needs, this, in part, has helped great companies to save time and money in coding, because they no longer need external content providers to play a file that holds multiple formats.

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