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So when Uncle Rudy is showing off his war wound during Thanksgiving dinner, think of your relatives as the crazies invited to the party and you and your date as the hosts.

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After all, it’s their hard work and sacrifice that put you where you are today. Whether your brother is in need of an intervention, your mom is a gambler, or your sister is nowhere to be found, you can’t change history and you can’t control where you came from.

No one ever behaves exactly as we want them to, making embarrassment an inevitable part of life.

It’s not unusual for a host to invite a person that’s a bit, well, unusual to their dinner party.

The theory is that this person keeps the party from becoming dull and stuffy.

Old Uncle Lou makes everyone nervous with his smarminess.

Aunt Ethel spends more time cooing to her dog, Mister Spots, than talking to people. The French have a custom that is good to remember during family functions.

But unflattering smells, sounds, leaks and other unwelcome episodes common after age 50 share one identical symptom: such embarrassment that two of three patients would rather suffer in silence than discuss the condition with their doctor, say researchers.

Even before the Internet allowed for anonymous access to answers, surveys indicated that embarrassing ailments were the top reason why Americans didn't get a medical exam when they knew they should.

Older relatives come from a time when things weren’t so, well, correct.

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