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The prosperity of a young country or state is to be measured by the rapidity with which these deficiencies are supplied, and the completeness with which the opportunity for profitable labor is retained.

An illustration will best enable me to explain how slavery pro- longs, in a young community, the evils which properly belong only to a firontier.

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We cannot expect to find a grist-mill, much less a baker's shop, still less a printing-office or a bookseller's shop, in an actual wilderness.

The cost of good bread, therefore, or of intellectual sustenance, will be greater than where the constant demand to be expected from a numerous population has induced labor (or capital, which represents labor) to establish such con- veniences.

The lowan, in the same predica- ment, writes to a friend in the East or advertises in the newspapers, that he is ready to pay better wages than carpenters can get in the older settlements ; and a young man, whose only capital is in his hands and his wits, glad to come where there is a glut of food and a dearth of labor, soon presents himself.

To construct a causeway and a bridge, and to clear, fence, and break up the land he desires to bring into cultivation, the Texan will need three more slaves — ^and he gets them as before, thereby investing all his money.

Each has found communication with his market interrupted during a portion of the year by floods ; A LET1BR TO A SOUTHERN FRIEND.

IX each needs an ampler and better house ; each desires to engage a larger part of his land in profitable production ; each needs some agricultural machinery or implements ; in the neighborhood of each, a church, a school, a grist-mill, and a branch railroad are proposed.

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