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The thing is that most of policemen play around a lot with words and the bugs in Egyptian law, they usually trap suspects by using words like debauchery when they ask them whether they practice same-sex sex or not, so they make suspects admit that they practice "debauchery" even though the suspect may only meant that he practice same-sex sex.

Also the emergency law gives the ability to policemen to check ur apartment without a warranty if they wanted.

It turns out that on normal days, when hundreds of thousands of people aren't demanding freedom, Tahrir Square is a somewhat skeezy gay cruising area -- not sure if Anderson Cooper mentioned that.

Some highlights of Dan Littauer's Q&A: GME: Can you be out and gay in Egypt?

Two other sensational cases have also crowded out economic issues.

Days after the Queen Boat raid, a businessman was referred to the criminal court for having been married to 17 women.

The semi-official Egyptian media has always shown willingness to be used by the security services in their fight for publicity.

The heavy coverage of the Queen Boat case brings to mind a similar case in 1997, when 78 teenage men were arrested on charges of establishing a Satanic cult.

The 52 men, along with three others who were released without being officially charged, were arrested May 11 on the Queen Boat, a tourist boat moored on the Nile in Cairo.

The boat has long been a known gathering place for the Egyptian gay community. Although the Egyptian regime has been utterly unpredictable lately—most notably with the strangely harsh sentence for human rights advocate and dual Egyptian-US citizen Saad Eddin Ibrahim—observers agree that something must have impelled state security forces to raid a tourist discotheque at a time when Egypt's economy, which depends heavily on tourism revenue, is still struggling to overcome the fallout from the 1997 Luxor massacre.

Last November, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood sent 17 new members to parliament, outnumbering the representatives of all the official opposition parties put together.

Earlier this year, the Brotherhood's list of candidates swept the elections for the Bar Association's board.

Last year, poor Egyptians watched their purchasing power sink due to devaluation of the Egyptian pound.

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