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After putting the clay in the bag, if you don't have a pen with you, leave the bag on the spot where you collected it and come back with the pen.

In this way, you won't wind up back at the car with a bunch of bags and not know which spots they came from. Label the bag with the name of the site, the date, a description of the exact spot and a number you assign to the spot.

Echinoderm microfossil dating

I posted to several lists asking if anyone had the collection with the names.

Several people from Wards responded, and within 24 hours I had a pdf of the list! Click here for a great description of collecting microfossils.

Collect clay from the surface of an area that has not been covered up by falling rocks and debris of the road cut. You can sometimes tell this if the clay is clearly in layers.

Use a hand trowel or other light scoop and place some clay in a bag or bucket. You will need to sample several spots on the site and after you clean the clay and examine the material with a microscope or hand lens, you will be able to note which spots had the best microfossil clay.

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The Bellbrook sample did not come from the Ward's collection.

The sample was contributed by a geology student from University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio.

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