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Drupal enhances digital services to millions of citizens.

Warner Music Group creates and manages the web and mobile sites for more than 300 music artists like David Bowie, Kid Rock and Justin Bieber.

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Drupal delivered a powerful solution that allowed internal work processes to be improved significantly.

The new website tooling is now more user friendly and powerful for administrators.

With Drupal, Warner serves millions of yearly visitors, promotes news, music releases, and more.

Lush, the handmade soap company, uses Drupal to tell stories that inspire millions of customers, who access the site on a variety of devices.

IOM3’s membership systems and processes have been interrogated and analysed, putting the organisation in a much stronger position to streamline and build for the future.

Together with Pedalo, they are continuing to build on the integration work that has been done, adding features and functionality.All in all that makes for a much more attractive site.We’re also pleased with the flexibility Drupal 7 gives us to manage and present our content, and in the back end the ability to manage users and view user data is very valuable.In addition, they felt their website wasn’t realising its full potential in terms of recruitment and engagement of their user base.The main challenge was in the very complex technical requirements of the integration.IOM3 knew Drupal was their platform of choice, as the scalability and flexibility it offers is perfect for such a complex, bespoke project.

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