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He maintained that there is no reason to stop the broadcasts, nor does the government have the means to do so.Hindus have urged the Viacom and its brand Paramount Pictures to post a study guide about Hinduism and guru tradition on their websites and place it in movie theaters worldwide to undo the supposed damage done by their upcoming Hollywood movie The Love Guru .

Shinde urged Viacom and Paramount to immediately issue a study guide about Hinduism and the sacred tradition/role of the 'Guru' confirming to Hindu scriptures, post it on the official websites of Viacom and Paramount and 'The Love Guru', and make it available free of cost in printed form at the movie theaters worldwide.

She further said, This guide should also offer the viewers a framework in which to see the film, so that the viewers do not carry any misconceptions about Hinduism and that the characters portrayed in this movie are in no way depicting authentic Gurus from the Hindu and spiritual tradition.

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The BBFC has responded to ELSPA' s decision to warn off' publishers to its advances stating that its relationship with UK games firms is a private matter.

Bhavna Shinde, representing Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanatan Society for Scientific Spirituality, in a communique to Paramount Pictures said: ...

We also feel that the parody on Gurus will contribute to the misunderstanding about the sacred concept of the 'Guru'...

The scheduled series, titled Cinema Erotica , follows a broadcast by the channel last February of adult classic Deep Throat , and is being protested as that broadcast was by Christian party leaders.

These films are characterized by connoisseurs as artistic, Plasterk said in a letter to parliament.

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We moved to India in 2007 to stay at the foot of the holy mountain, Arunachala.

Dr Byron made clear that she expects the cooperation between the BBFC and PEGI to continue.

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