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He developed software for his online dating site, Plenty of Fish, that operates almost completely on autopilot, leaving Mr. Frind operates the business out of his apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia, and he says he has net profits of about $10 million a year. But his site, now almost five years old, has some unfinished patches and irritating quirks and seems to come from the Anti-Perfectionist School of Design. Frind built the Plenty of Fish Web site in 2003 as nothing more than an exercise to help teach himself a new programming language, ASP. The site first became popular among English-speaking Canadians.

Given his site's profitable advertising mix and independently verified traffic volume, the figure sounds about right. Popularity among online daters in many United States cities followed more recently, and with minimal spending on advertising the site.

The Dating & Love Advice category lists more than 320,000 posts, making up in sheer quantity what it lacks in a soothing live presence available by phone.

The principal customer service that Plenty of Fish provides is responses to complaints about possibly fraudulent identities and to subpoenas and search-warrant requests. Frind hired his first, and still only, employee to handle these requests, freeing him to attend to adding new servers when required and tweaking code.

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