Double your dating deep inner game

The title of this e Book, Deep Inner Game, makes it sound so intense and is quite misleading. We all think that this programming is what we were born with and is out of our control to change. Out of date and false programming can lead to a severe lack of confidence as well as dates. Should you grow enough balls to get past this stage and ask a girl out, your head then might say, ‘she is way out of your league mate,’ or even ‘give up now before you embarrass yourself completely’. For me, the deep inner game was that part of my mind which ran the outdated and incorrect programmes which built up in my head over time and which I never even noticed.

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Overall the program works well with Davids teachings but there is definately some aspects that directly clash with what David does.

If your out in the field doing canned material that isnt a part of who you really are then you will despise this program or it will make you abandon your methods.

Deep Inner Game teaches us the the core, reasons we lack the confidence or the killer instinct when it comes to approaching and pulling women.

The reader will lean and understand how to hone their inner game so that we never fail because of confidence. I would like to demystify the rather ambiguous title, because it can make it sound difficult and you could miss out on an opportunity to change for the better. The Deep Inner Game is what D’Angelo has labelled your internal dating programming.

We all know what it is like to feel out of control, anxious and self doubting.

We all know what it is like to feel like we can’t go through with things in fear of failure, but this isn’t David’s way anymore.

It’s the kick in the backside we all need, and the topics are easy to apply to your individual situation.

My inner game has never been better thanks to this little gem.

This is slides book to David de Angelo Double Your Dating Deep Inner Game DVD Program.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who has deep routed issues that make them feel like there is no point in learning techniques because they dont have control of themselves or their life.

Dr Paul...a very established psychologist teaches most of this course.

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