Do guys find me intimidating what is normal when you first start dating

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do guys find me intimidating-44

Do guys find me intimidating

she has a small salon and its usually her or another girl working.

when i go to get my hair cut in the morning hours, shes usually the only one there and i get in the chair, say 2 1/2 on sides and back, enough to comb on top and i dont say another word.

Tons of girls are intimidated by men who are really good looking, ridicuously wealthy, big/strong, social proofed, sourrounded by other girls etc....

If you don't know this you need to interact with more women.

I am in college and it seems like the only thing I hear from guys is, "You're so intimidating!

I've been told I'm very pretty, I'm a little shy, but I love meeting new people, and I'm very athletic. My friends tell me I'm very friendly and approachable, so why do guys think I'm so intimidating?

Or the most common one which I find hilarious and sometimes cute when i'm walking down a hallway and a girl is coming the opposite way, as soon as they notice me, they start acting all nervous and start looking in different directions while adjusting their shirts, and then nines times out of ten they'll bow their heads as they pass me, lol.

Sometimes it pisses me off, sometimes I think it's cute and I can't help but kind of laugh to myself.

try to mimmick the personality this guy has and maybe say some of the things he does haha

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