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Once you purchase a good amount of credits, you will get a lot of massages or winks in the beginning to make you use up your credits to send massages.

The site does work and there are legit women on there who are looking for sex and companionship.

Guys -- don't be pushy and expect sex five minutes after meeting a woman.

No big secret that there is a surplus of men and only patient guys get rewarded. If you are looking for a quick 24h-hookup this site ain't the best place to find it. I feel like my review of this site is well overdue, as I have been using this site off and on for almost five years.

There are only a few sites which are worth joining such as Ashley Madison and Saphrina and every guy joins those sites looking for an affair.

Ouija Board Rule #2 Do not allow the planchette to count down through the numbers or backwards through the alphabet.

Doing could result in the spirit escaping from the board, allowing it to terrorize you and the other players indefinitely.

This is for your safety both physically and mentally.

Ouija board experiences are occasionally extreme and should this occur you will need someone with which to support you, both during and after the occurrence.

According to The Skeptic Dictionary, tests devised by American psychologist William James, French chemist Michel Chevreul, English scientist Michael Faraday, and American psychologist Ray Hyman have demonstrated that many phenomena attributed to spiritual or paranormal forces, or to mysterious “energies,” are actually due to ideomotor action.

Furthermore, these tests demonstrate that “honest, intelligent people can unconsciously engage in muscular activity that is consistent with their expectations” (Hyman 1999).

Ouija Board Rule #4 Never, ever mention ‘God’, as it is believed that entities contacted through the Ouija board are generally ‘evil’ in nature.

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