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There is attraction and chemistry, but as soon it was obvious she fancied me she pulled back and I went from conquest to spectator giving her some space. (I love good debates in an impersonal way) It seems easy to intuit what she's asking for, but I'm not the most patient hunter as I am honest and direct and play so few games (too old for that).It seems she's feigning indifference to see how I react to being ignored.I'm hot for this elusive, artistic Scorpio female (painter/sculptor).

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I usually get what I want and have been called all those nice things they say about Leo males.

(none of my ex's can say a bad thing about my treatment of them, and all of them came back once or twice as 'friends') I am still friends with a majority of my ex's, or on friendly terms rather.

Bored because I have an idea of what's going to come next.

But if he's unsure of my ability to please him, I'm more than happy to show it to him. I am also a Scorpio and I also agree that she is getting bored.

why create extra drama when life will supply you with plenty of them externally?

I too face a similar situation with a scorpio woman.

Hope this helps some what, but just remember not all scorpios are the same (don't generalize). I am also a scorpio women and I agree with the above comment. She might really like you but your coming on to strong and you need to back off so she can see if the relationship is worth giving it a try. Also, I am not sure if she has the lengendary jealousy streak but she may have also lost interest in you because you are still friends with most of your exes and have gone back to a few once or twice.

Stop calling her for a while and it will drive her nuts. I know I would never date someone who was still friends with their exes, especially not if they have re-dated them.

It can be a form of courtship that consists of social activities done by the couple.

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