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Echo (Eliza Dushku), formerly Caroline Farrell, is an Active and protagonist of the series.She is one of the most popular Actives in the Dollhouse and, during the course of her engagements, has shown skills that transcend the limitations of her parameters.

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She returns to the dollhouse in Getting Closer, claiming to have been with Boyd for the past few months, later in the episode, she fatally shoots Bennett Halverson then calmly walks away, leaving the dollhouse and causing Ballard and Echo to conclude that Rossum imprinted her as a sleeper active.

In The Hollow Men, she reveals that she has been imprinted as Clyde Randolph.

She eventually tries to seduce him, but is rejected.

The two discuss her identity as Claire Saunders, and how Topher tried to make her as a foil to himself so they could see each other's mistakes to reduce the chance that "someone would get hurt." At the end of the episode, she is seen driving away from the Dollhouse, despite her fear of the outside world.

November's character was originally conceived as an Active who got fewer of the criminal gigs and more of the personal ones.

Whedon originally stated that the character would not be included in the show and that "the show simply moves too fast now for me to do what I wanted with her", but later hinted that the character might emerge later in the series.

Sierra (Dichen Lachman), real name Priya Tsetsang, is an Active in the Los Angeles Dollhouse.

Priya is Chinese-Australian, though she frequently has an American accent in her mind-wiped state.

His origin is revealed in "Stop-Loss", where his five-year contract with the Dollhouse expires and he is released into his original identity; Rossum, however, kidnaps him for their private army of supersoldier ex-Actives.

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