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For only 6 grams of sugar per serving, the options are plentiful.

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Coarsely chopped almonds, two kinds of chocolate, and golden cane syrup help give Upside-Down Fudge-Almond Tart its rich flavor and our highest rating. You won't need one for this surprisingly easy, aptly named dessert.

"Easy and beautiful, this tart will satisfy every chocoholic's need for a chocolate fix," comments Test Kitchen Professional Deb Wise. Antioxidant-rich chocolate makes three appearances here―as cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, and semisweet morsels. The best part about this dessert: utter indulgence for a perfectly reasonable 315 calories.

(Before we lightened it, this recipe contained 546.)These "disappearing cookies" are so rich, soft, and chewy that they tend to vanish quickly.

“They’re the perfect cross between cookie and brownie,” one reader says.

Store-bought chocolates fall short compared to these homemade peanut butter and chocolate truffles.

Made with almond butter and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, you can add any toppings you like, such as coconut, chopped nuts, cocoa powder, or dried fruit.This rich dessert uses less fat than traditional brownies by substituting water and cherry preserves in place of some of the oil.The combination of unsweetened cocoa and semisweet chips makes for a rich, dark flavor.These chocolate desserts are ideal for a celebration and can mostly be made up to two days ahead.Between their decidedly rich flavor and sumptuous textures that combine a crusty top with a molten interior, these cakes earned our Test Kitchens' highest rating.These brownies are incredibly rich and moist, and impossibly easy to make: Just roll 'em, dip 'em, and stick 'em!

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