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He is a four-term member of the Palo Alto Family YMCA Board of Directors, most recently serving as Chairman.

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Citing the township’s open-space preservation and complete streets programs, outdoor smoking bans in public places, and a newly constituted human relations commission, among other initiatives, the mayor says: “I don’t like to label myself, but I don’t know what’s more progressive than that.” Says Magnus: “I don’t have a personal ax to grind against the mayor.

But what I’m hearing as I knock on doors in the township is a huge amount of unrest.

“I told them that if you want to effect change [at the municipal level], get people on the committee,” says Alex Law, the savvy maverick who came out of nowhere to create a credible, if ultimately unsuccessful, 2016 primary challenge to U. “I’m super-impressed by what Judy and her people have done,” he adds.

“The party and the system are definitely set up against new people coming in.” The fact that the mainstream Cherry Hill Democrats have been supported for decades by a sophisticated, well-financed county party organization that cultivates generational loyalty has led, the progressives say, to a municipal government that is more insular and less transparent than it would like the public to believe.

“We’ve been the loyal opposition for a long time,” says Jeff Land, chairman of the Cherry Hill Republican organization and a GOP county committee member since 1980.

Mordell joined the board in January of 2006 and was appointed Chairman in February of 2007.

He received his BA from Hamilton College and MBA from the Stern School of Business, New York University. Scott, a 30-year industry veteran, is currently the CEO of Bradford Networks.

Previously, he served as CEO of Clique Intelligence, a software platform for data sharing and collaboration technologies, and as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at HP Pro Curve Networking, the world’s fastest growing networking company. Scott joined the Board of Directors of Square 1 Bank and was a member of the Board that helped Square 1 go public in 2015.

With more than 3,000 members, the page has been a catalyst for the creation of Progressive Democrats for Cherry Hill.

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