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Ernest Hemingway Vega was sent to juvie almost two years ago. Which is tiring, because Mason still sees him all the time- why wouldn’t he, they’re neighbors- and Mason keeps it PG, keeps it friendly, but it doesn’t stop him from secretly fantasizing about unzipping those awful, tattered jeans with his teeth.


In a dungeon run, you start off with a pre-made "novice deck" from whatever class you choose then as you face incrementally stronger foes, you'll get more and more cards to add to your deck.

It sounds a bit like combining the typical boss encounters from adventures (and more recently, the free single payer content that comes with expansions) combined with an arena run and sprinkled with a loot system.

is a PC game on Steam which has quickly become the hottest thing since sliced bread.

If you've never played it, the basic format of the game is 100 random players get dropped on an island, loot guns and other items, and the fight to the death.

The down side of having tons of mobile devices is you eventually end up needing something to carry all of them in.

Waterfield has been killing it for years now when it comes to making fabulous bags for Mac Books, i Pads, and other things we find ourselves hauling around all the time. It’s been three months since Amanda left for college, and six months since Robert declared that he needed time before he was ready to get into a relationship. Though, Ernest can't help but be reminded of that one thing that happened between them oh so long ago...As we talked about in an earlier story, you will learn and translate the language of the Ancients of the Nebula as you go along, and you'll be able to play the game as a different kind of character.The art looks lovely, and—knowing how great the other Inkle games are—I expect , talks about the challenge of having a massive branching game and not always being sure what the player knows or doesn't know at different points in the story.Most of the clues are generated procedurally (although there are some hand-authored clues as well), and now the developers have "closed the loop" by feeding procedurally generated artifacts back into the narrative.

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