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(blue)413(stock low [email protected] lbs./cylinder Push button automatic torque flight trans.

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Push button#1; go 0 - 60 mph not very fast Push button#2; go 60 - 90/95 mph fairly quick with some peddle left Push button#3;watch the needle settle down at about 110/115 mph as the engine idles dwn POUR YOURSELF A COFFEE AND ENJOY THE RIDEThis car stopped on the pass in a blizzard and pulled the 4x4's out of the snowbank This car was the only vehicle to breach the top at the local 4x4 hillclimb - shouda seen the faces after I backed the car down the hill in reverse,lol A friend who just purchased a 900 kawasaki when they first came out, laughed at my"BOAT"I raced him to the pass. for him at the pass, and he didn't laugh no more!!!

He laughed as he drove circles around me all threw town and out to the lake. I now drive a 1991 Lebaron convertible, champagne with leather, and it is a most comfortable ride.

But, the DAK, always, ALWAYS manages to come back, and continues to be rated as the numero-uno BEST, selling mid-sized truck made.

The only, ONLY mid-sized truck made, that compares to the DAK, is the Mitsubishi Raider, thats right, the Raider. Because, the Raider looks like a Raider on the outside, but if you will take a very, VERY close look on the underside of that Raider, the Raider is a DAK, in disguise. Looks like we have got ourselves a pretty good MOPAR Crowd in here, and we are getting some pretty good responses, and good support from ALL of you POF MOPAR Faithfulls.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Also have: A second magnum 81,73,85 Ram 63 dodge polara 72 Dart Swinger 77 new yorker 85 lebaron gts (fuel economy) I love playing with dodges and will never stop so there! What I'd like to end up with someday is a '69 300, ....w/440, 2D Ragtop, with all the toys. I still think that a 4 doorcharger is just not right. When Dodge re-released these models, I wish they did it right, so as to answer Ford's 5.0L and Chevy's Corvette.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. We as Mopar fans have SOOOOO wanted both these models, as well as the Challenger, 'Cuda, and the Dart (hopefully offered in convertibles, oh and 340, 383, 440 and 426) whatever the litres would be?

Sounds like GM needs their version of the K-car/Minivan to pull them out of trouble.

THE BATMOBILE - 1961 triple crown New Yorker *** The Famous Fins***I owned a 1961 Triple Crown New Yorker - Station Wagon - Bat Mobile.

I'm a single hard working guy who loves the outdoors, play most sports,like to travel during winter to anywhere warm.

Looking to find my other partner in crime and settle down.

I dunno guess the development geeks are to young to remember REAL cars?

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