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Write down a hilarious moment you had with someone that makes you laugh to this day! Do you ever get in trouble for laughing or talking a lot during class? The purpose of school: to learn, to cause trouble or to hang out with friends?

What was the highest grade you have received (full course mark) ever?

How often do you think about death, suicide or running away? Are you usually the one who makes people laugh, Or the other way around?

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Do you think that you are sexually experienced, or not at all? Have you gone through a lot emotionally, or has life been easy thus far?

I volunteered at my local library this summer just gone22.

So the apples at the top thinksomething is wrong with them, when inreality, they're amazing. Pokerface- Lady Gaga What was the first cd you bought? Chicagowhat is your favorite theme song from a TV show? Billionnaire- Bruno Mars What song describes you and your best friend?

They justhave to wait for the right boy tocome along, the one who'sbrave enough toclimb allthe wayto the topof the tree. Can't be tamed- Miley Cyrus What song describes your relationship or lack of?

Do you hate it when girls in their young teenage years say they ‘love’ someone that they’ve been dating for a few months? Does it take a lot for you to say you love someone, or is it just a word? Do you believe that money makes the world go round? Is your family on the poor side, average, or above average when it comes to money? Are you saving up for college/university, or planning to? Would you rather win millions of dollars & be set for life, or find the perfect person to marry & start a family with?

What do you think about doing sexual things with someone you’re not going out with?

What was the longest amount of time you’ve been grounded for? What would you do if you got pregnant, keep it or have an abortion? Do you ever think about how your actions affect other people? What do you think is the worst punishment someone could give you? What is one thing you wish you didn’t do, just because it wasn’t worth it in the end?

Looks, personality and confidence C – Consequences11.

Can you tell your parents or one of your parents anything?

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