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Or Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, neighborhood buddies whose friendship evolved through their shared passion for technology and practical jokes.

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I had sex a few times (proper sex, he was the bottom) with a guy in high school who was never officially out (but lots of us knew) and now has a girlfriend.

I think it's a bit more complicated than was-gay-for-a-while-in-high-school-but-now-is-straight but I haven't spoken to him directly in years so I guess for all I know he could be straight now, or bisexual and hiding it. Recent prior polls/threads on the matter: Kinsey Scale Revisited/ Are you straight/gay/ bi? t=577985) A Poll on Doper Sexual Activity: Have you Crossed the Lines Before? t=594445) 56% of Dopers claimed to be 100% hetero- or homosexual by inclination or identification (first poll), while 74.5% reported exclusivity one way or the other by activity (second poll). He was just doing it to piss off his boyfriend and make him jealous and I guess sleeping with a girl was the biggest slap in the face he could come Up with, but since I refused to sleep with him until I had conferred with said boyfriend and gotten the OK, it didnt have the desired effect. The first time was awful because we were very intoxicated.

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I am a Masseur from Glasgow with a few years of experience but no qualifications. I am a Masseur from Glasgow with a few years of experience but no qualifications. I am a Masseur from Glasgow with a few years of experience but no qualifications.

They include such characteristics as the ability to discuss disagreements honestly and a profound sense of mutual trust.

Steven Kramer and Joshua Ostrega, who became fast friends in the mid-'90s while dating girls who were pals.

Plus I've married two men in the past and have not had a significant emotional relationship with a woman. Very soon after I began dating my current boyfriend so we just dropped it and stayed friends and he got a boyfriend and it has been happily ever after and no one is the wiser. I've never had sex with another guy or gay woman, nor do I have a desire to.

Honestly, that's probably the most I've ever thought about "what I am" in my life. " and I said "well, it's kind of like how hamburgers are my favorite food, but then sometimes I really want pizza. I was 17 and had sex with a friend (in that we spent a lot of time hanging out together) - the most flaming gayest of gays in 20 school districts. We parked behind the high school, not even speaking, completely carried away by sheer animal lust. So how was the straight sex, for a female, having sex with all these gay friends? Many of my current friends, all of whom I met during a two-year stint working part-time at Macy's Herald Square in New York some 20 years ago, are gay.

;) Come to think of it the latter might be bi, or at least he didn't have an aversion to kissing.

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