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They really love females and want to feel all girly and forced to be a little girl.

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I'd be happy to share with others in similar situations, but I'll keep this brief, since I'm not sure how active this group is? I've never had so much fun, or met anyone who gave me butterflies as quickly as he did. Nothing to do with his enjoyment of dressing in woman's clothing. He said he doesn't feel feminine or want to have a full female persona or wordrobe and he also doesn't consider...

I'm sorry to say that I and the crossdresser did not work out. It took me completely by surprise, lots of crying and confusion. He only wears womens bra and underwear and occasionally corsets.

SO if your a crossdresser wanting to find a date, check it out and see what you can find.

Or join my forum, that’s a great way to meet new people and find out about them.

Finding a fellow crossdresser really adds to the excitement and sexual high from being with another CD.

Of course some are into being dominated, they want to be someone’s little girl, getting spanked and abused,, weeeee!

No problem there, I don't mind one bit, but it was a bit funny this time around.

Last time I went there was a very busy dinner crowd so I...

Now there can be very many reasons a person wants to date a crossdresser, or a shemale / ladyboy.

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