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Offices, maintenance, locker rooms, dining areas are areas where pathogens that are not typically on the radar for food production testing can have an impact on operations.

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The CDC later backtracked, and experts claim that the protocol in use was inadequate for the pathogen.

The CDC also backtracked on the potential for Ebola to become aerosolized after leading scientists claimed it could not be ruled out. Producers might consider the area beyond the manufacturing area.

From a sanitizing perspective, some of the most lethal viruses are not very robust in the face of effective sanitizing, meaning it wouldn't take much effort to kill these pathogens using the right tools and methods.

Using the wrong method and sanitizer only makes the job harder, less effective, and more costly.

What does the recent Ebola scare have to do with food safety?

A recent CDC press conference regarding the protocol used by Dallas hospital caregivers treating Ebola virus patient zero stated that a breach in protocol was a cause of a caregiver becoming infected.

The solution is not to buy more radios, it is to effectively identify radios as a transmission vector, and negate the risk.

What about other touch surfaces such as vending machine buttons, microwave oven handles, copiers?

A clean bathroom or dining area is important in a food plant and a hospital.

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