Dating younger girl conversation polish dating in chicago

Maturity does not correlate to a person’s age, and it seems that there are many benefits of dating younger men.

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Our viewpoint of what is “normal” comes from what we are used to seeing, that which we are taught to accept, and that which we understand.

No relationship should be judged without first understanding the hearts of the people involved.

His bright green eyes mesmerized me as he introduced himself. Was I going through some weird phase in life turning 30? Knowing that he could be with a much younger female, I have come to realize what it is about me that he finds attractive.

He told me he had noticed me in our building before, but we had never had a chance to meet until now. Did all 30-year-old women want to date younger men? So what is it about an older woman that a younger man would find attractive enough to make his life partner?

They have had enough time to come to terms and accept who they are, and what they want in life.

They have also experienced enough to know what they can or cannot provide, and may find it unnecessary to “compete” with other females. I noticed a handsome young guy walked toward me, and I could tell he had just gotten off work. Nothing he does annoys me, and believe me, I have quite a few pet peeves. Could I be a cougar if I unintentionally picked him up? Would his family think he was crazy for dating an older woman?His clothes were dirty and he carried a large lunch box with him. After our first few dates, I was at the point where I wondered if our relationship could be sustained. Would anyone I know think less of me for wanting to date him?They know their own self-worth and understand that confidence is not all about physical beauty.Confidence comes from many aspects of life, but it can also include the ability to not become jealous, insecure or vain.After the date he called me a million times and has even invited me to his best friend's wedding.

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