Dating women hyderabad

You will also see Jama Masjid, Amir-e-Kabir street housing the devdis of the Paigahs (nobility of the Nizams) among other lesser known sites.

Golconda inspector Khaleel Pasha said that Vishnu Vardhan, a software engineer, came across the profile of the 32-year-old woman IT professional on Tinder, a dating App, and later they were in touch through Whats App for the past six months. After taking her home in the night, Vishnu Vardhan served her a soft drink mixed with whiskey .

The victim, a software engineer with a Madhapur-based firm, is a resident of a colony in Tolichowki. After consuming the drink, the 32-year-old fell unconscious.

Today, there are several versions of the original recipes.

While Paradise restaurant is quite famous for its biryani, a relatively lesser known joint, Shah Ghouse offers equally good biryani and at much lower prices. Soul strings Pearls: Hyderabad is said to be the largest market for pearls in the country.

Vishnu who was in an inebriated state took her to his residence, Peace Residency at Friend's colony, Shaikpet, on the pretext of giving her some notes.

Vishnu took advantage of the situation and violated her.

"As the victim returned home the next morning, her parents grilled her and asked where she had spent the previous night.

The panicked victim disclosed that Vishnu took her out and sexually abused her," he said.

According to one theory, biryani came to Hyderabad after Aurangzeb invaded the south.

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