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Finally, jail time for petty offenses does not exceed 6 months.However, with felonies and misdemeanors, incarceration is not mandatory in all cases; judges have significant discretion.

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Moreover, proper tactics force the prosecutor to work hard each step of the way, encouraging him or her to dismiss the charges or settle the case on the defendant’s terms.

It is important to keep in mind that trying the case is only an aspect of criminal defense, and one which can often be avoided with the help of a skilled attorney.

Following a “not guilty” plea, the court will allow time for discovery (exchange of evidence), the gathering of evidence, filing pre-trial motions (requesting, for instance, that the court dismiss the charges or limit the admission of prosecutor’s evidence if there have been violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights), trial preparation, and plea agreement negotiations.

Many cases are resolved before trial as a result of the defense’s diligent efforts and aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

A criminal trial is the defense’s chance to present its case to a fact-finder, usually a jury, and argue the defendant’s innocence.

The criminal defense attorneys at Travis Law Group are well-versed in trial tactics and can maximize your chances for a favorable verdict.Following the preliminary proceedings in a case, District Court will hold an arraignment.The purpose of an arraignment is to inform the defendant of the charges against him or her.The judge will take this opportunity to ascertain each side’s readiness for trial, making sure that all the necessary preparation has taken place.At this time, the judge may also rule on any outstanding pre-trial motions.A defense strategy will include developing a theory of the case, filing pre-trial motions, conducting an independent examination and re-testing of the physical evidence, finding qualified expert witnesses to testify in your behalf, and gathering additional evidence to support your innocence. It is certainly indispensable in preparation for trial.

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