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While that is very sad, I responded by putting my foot down and said something along the lines of "sorry, I don't want to.

I offered you a chance to help put the pieces back together and to fix our relationship when you broke up with me, and you refused.

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I was driving from Ithaca NY to Massena NY at about 3AM and was on the road along the St. This song came on and I was instantly captured by the lyrics.

When the drum solo started I just about drove off the road. It is a decent song with one classic moment, the drum bridge.

I must say this song sums up exactly how it feels to be heartbroken by someone you love(d) then to have whoever that person is suddenly call you back claiming to want you back.

I never paid attention to the lyrics to this song until a week after the breakup happened this year; I was writing a review with some music playing and suddenly this song came on.

You can't go back and fix it, and while I'm sure you would, if you didn't want me yesterday, well, I don't want you today." she doesn't deserve to be with ANYONE, as she lied to me for over a year.

Sorry for rambling but this song means a lot to me and I just thought I'd tell you how I can connect to this song.

A classic example of this style is Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" about a suicidal homosexual. Sometimes in songwriting, the artist can use the perspective of a person they know, and I think in this song he is writing about the man who his wife cheated with.

Basically the man has been waiting for Phil's wife to leave him, and if he saw Phil drowning he wouldn't lend a hand.

They may even believe I'm an advocate for world peace and unity, when in actual fact, I just want your money.

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