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John's has the same serial number as shown on a warranty at Mary-Lee Mac Innis's home in Sudbury.(CBC (left), submitted by Mary-Lee Mac Innis) In 2013, Cameron headed to Nova Scotia, where he was accused of stealing from three women. "He was on Plenty of Fish and incredibly was getting dates with fairly nice women," said Lorna Mooney, who briefly rented a room in her house to Cameron.

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(Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers, Don Cameron/Facebook) Mary-Lee Mac Innis thought she had met her dream man. Now, she wants women to be warned: Donald John Cameron is a career criminal who targets women on Plenty of Fish.

"If he has his back up against a wall, he will do anything to get out of it," she told CBC News.

Despite his denials, a CBC News investigation found dozens of charges by calling courthouses around the country, and supplying Cameron's first, middle, and last names, along with his date of birth. Cameron has either been charged with crimes or convicted in at least nine cities across Canada.

He's been charged with fraud, identity theft, assault, criminal harassment and numerous counts of theft under $5,000.

"When he had opportunity, when they would go to the bathroom or something, he would go into the purse and write down the credit card number." Mooney filed a criminal complaint against Cameron, alleging he used her debit card without permission and repaid her with a stolen credit card.

She identified the man who rented her room as the same Donald Cameron in the Crime Stoppers photo from Kelowna, as well as the profile picture he used on Facebook when selling a camera to Basu.

Cameron was in Sudbury in October 2016 and met up with Mac Innis, with whom he first chatted two years earlier on Plenty of Fish. "He would do things for me that, well, a girl always wants a guy to do for her." But there were red flags.

She had no idea of his criminal background, despite doing her research before dating him. Cameron would often take her car without asking, she said.

Donald John Cameron, who has allegedly also used the alias Donald Joseph Cameron, moved to St. But early last month, the dream came to an abrupt end.

John's after an Ontario woman alleged he stole more than ,000 in cash and belongings. Mac Innis says her perfect boyfriend disappeared, along with more than ,000 in cash and jewelry from her home in Sudbury, Ont.

But Cameron says Mac Innis's allegations against him are false.

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