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He had the house trio, with bassist and violinist John Frigo, at Mr.

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The men were Don Shelton, a veteran saxophonist and singer, and Len Dresslar, known to the public as the voice ho-ho-ho of the Jolly Green Giant but a man of far wider skills than that.

And that conversation led to the formation of what many people consider the most remarkable vocal group in the history of the United States or any other country.

They too were in demand for their flexibility and sight-reading skills.

One of the best was pianist and composer Dick Marx, who became the king of that profession for the midwest.

The guy at the studio, Murray Allen, called Gene and he said, 'You've got to write something so we can learn how to use this damn thing.' It was an Ampex eight-track. We decided that we were going to have a coming-out party.

And here's the old Ambassador Hotel sitting up there, and they had the Guild Hall right across the street. We'll take it over.' So they took it over and started off by sending a card to every advertising person in Chicago.

A jazz group or a singer with rhythm section would record in multi-track, and afterwards an orchestra would be added on the open tracks, all of this involving the use of headphones.

Andre Previn, perhaps in rebellion, once made an album called But for singers who work in the advertising field, the "jingles" business, headphones are a way of life, a commonplace working tool.

Each of the albums was recorded in exactly one week, usually two tracks a day, with all four singers unrehearsed and sight-reading the extremely difficult vocal charts. In a way it should never have existed at all, and it wouldn't have but for the advances in recording technology and the support of Brunner-Schwer.

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