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Several characters from previous seasons did not appear in season 4, most notably Mildred Finch and Ian Edgerton.Season five opens three weeks after "When Worlds Collide" (season four's season finale), with the government dropping the charges against Charlie.Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it.

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Don and Charlie's father, Alan Eppes, provides emotional support for the pair, while Professor Larry Fleinhardt and doctoral student Amita Ramanujan provide mathematical support and insights to Charlie.

Season One was a half-season, producing only 13 episodes.

Sabrina Lloyd played Terry Lake, an agent, in this season; she was later replaced by Diane Farr, who played Megan Reeves.

The second season run of the show aired between September 23, 2005, and May 19, 2006, again at p.m. Season Two sees several changes to Don's FBI team: Terry Lake is reassigned to Washington and two new members join Don and David Sinclair: Megan Reeves and Colby Granger.

Amita's parents come to visit, which becomes a secondary theme throughout most of the season. Near the end of the season, Don's girlfriend from season 2, Robin Brooks, returns. Charlie attends FBI training camp because he has been working with Don for several years and wants to better understand what his brother does.

In the season finale, Megan leaves the team to move back to Washington, D.His character's absence was written into the show by having him become a Payload Specialist on the International Space Station.Diane Farr, pregnant for most of the season, left the show for maternity leave in episode 18 ("Democracy"); her character's absence is explained as a special assignment to the Department of Justice. As this season starts, Colby Granger escapes from jail, and is revealed to be a triple agent. Don and Liz break up halfway through this season, after Liz has trouble with Don's trust issues. J., Megan is conflicted by her work, and turns to Larry for help.Charlie and Amita intensify their relationship, as do Larry and Megan, especially after Megan's kidnapping.Amita has troubles adjusting in her new role as a Cal Sci professor, and Larry announces his leave of absence—he will be on the International Space Station for six months, which greatly distresses Charlie. Mildred Finch, the newly appointed Chair of the Cal Sci Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy Division, whom they learn has begun dating Alan.He is subsequently arrested and has his security clearance revoked, so he can no longer help Don on cases.

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