Dating the battle of carchemish

Allowed to do as he pleased, Jeremiah chose to join the poor who would remain in the land.The Babylonians appointed Gedaliah as governor over the remnant.

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Jehoiakim has said to himself: "I will build myself a roomy house with spacious upper rooms, and cut out its windows, paneling it with cedar and painting it bright red.

The Babylonians began the work of demolishing the city.

When they had stripped everything of value from the Temple, they burned every important building and tore down the city walls. Deserters and some of the poor, 832 men together with their families, were taken to Babylon.

In his history of Babylon, quoted by Josephus, Berosus says, Being informed ere long of his father's death, Nebuchadnezzar settled the affairs of Egypt and the other countries.

The prisoners—Jews, Phoenicians, Syrians, and those of Egyptian nationality—were consigned to some of his friends, with orders to conduct them to Babylonia, along with the heavy troops and the rest of the spoils; while he himself, with a small escort, pushed across the desert to Babylon (7).

Josephus reports that at this time, Nebuchadnezzar "occupied all Syria, with the exception of Judaea, as far as Pelusium [on the Egyptian border]" (5).

Immediately afterward, his father died, and he hurried back to Babylon to take control of the kingdom.

The following chart gives an overview of the events connected with the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC.

The Babylonians came against Judah not just in 605, but repeatedly, and took captives at four different times: in 597, 586, and 581 (or 580) as well as in 605.

His motive in giving his god a gift from the spoils of the Jewish Temple was twofold: to express gratitude for help in victory, and to assert the superiority of his god over the god of Israel.

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