Dating someone with sickle cell

Issues occurring in relationships involving individuals with sickle cell disorder and sickle cell trait include: Covertness I have drawn the word “covertness” from the word “covert” which is a characteristic of intelligence or secret agents.

Usually some intelligence or secret agents may have to hide their identities or carry out their assignments in secret or covert ways in order to achieve their aims.

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Dating someone with sickle cell dating agencies leicestershire

(Tip for new grads: Always butter-up the IT staff.) While a typical conversation with an APHL IT guy generally takes the form of me whimpering that my computer doesn’t work and getting the immediate, “What did you do to it?

” my conversations with Fred very frequently turn to parenting.

Most people produce fetal hemoglobin until they are around six months old when they begin producing adult hemoglobin.

Fetal hemoglobin protects the blood cells from sickling, or turning into the crescent-moon shape that causes them to get stuck in blood vessels.

“If we hadn’t started the penicillin early, she could’ve gotten an infection. All I can say is I’m glad she’s still with us.” Fred doesn’t like to think about what might have been if Ary hadn’t been screened, and understandably so.

Life hasn’t been what Fred and Yvette expected when they got married 22 years ago. And despite affirming that he would not have married his wife had he known about the possibility of passing sickle cell disease to their children, Fred says “I don’t regret marrying her.

He knew that he needed to be particularly concerned about head injuries with a child who has sickle cell – yet Ary was a rambunctious kid who seemed to accidentally bang her head often.

“As a father you want to protect your children, but you can’t keep them from doing things.” It is hard to say what might have happened without the early diagnosis that followed the positive newborn screening.

Ary produced fetal hemoglobin until she was six years old; her own body was protecting her from the painful symptoms that come with sickle cell disease.

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