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That soft, tender young bottom of yours is going to be a very pretty shade of red by the time I’m done with it. I think when I’m done spanking you I’m just going to have to sample how good your tight little ass pussy is. Domina Cinara Femdom Stories – Erotic Audio Feminization training takes a lot of patience on the part of both teacher and student. Feminine perfection takes time, and is very well worth the effort taken.

I was a quick learner and was able to bring her to orgasm several times each of our times together. You could pass for 13, maybe even younger than that if you were dressed properly. The elevator doors opened and I realized that I had a choice. And as you walk, Brianna, I want you to think of yourself as a pretty girl. I want you to swish that sexy little bottom of yours from side to side. The named Brianna wore a tight t-shirt and her budding breasts made two small rises in the material. When I was up against her, she picked up a remote and turned the tv on. The man looked familiar, although, as the moment I couldnt place his face.

If he were to discover that we were having an affair it would be a very bad thing. I wont say that he would have you killed-but you would probably wish you were dead when he was through with you.Why cant I live as a young boy in your house? Doesnt trust any man, especially ones who are going to be alone in his big house with his wife alone. We either break up and never see each other again or we set my plan into motion¦¦and turn me into a little girl¦ I interrupted. First I want your face between my legs and I want you to drive me crazy and make me cum like the master I know you are. Or should I say, ˜Good girl.Thats not funny, I said pouting. Just think about all the incredible sex you are going to be having.She noticed my smile and laughed. Youre the prettiest little girl Rosario has ever seen.Aunty Marion told me to thank Rosario for her compliment and so I did.

She towered over me and dominated our sexual sessions-which of course, I found sexy. -why should I care if the woman I was with wanted to be in charge? It came to her, she told me, when she had attended a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of hers. He kissed my cheeks and told me how pretty I looked. When I was standing in front of him, between his thick muscular legs, he had me lift my dress and lower my pretty panties. She also added that Rosario was going to make me look like an angel. True to her word, when she was done with my hair and makeup, Rosario had transformed me into a very pretty little girl who most certainly could have competed in a junior miss beauty pageant. Standing in front of that large mirror in the master bedroom of the suite, I felt butterflies the size of eagles flying in my belly. All the tweezing and pulling and brushing and poking at been well-worth it-for there, standing between my Aunty Marion and Rosario was the prettiest little girl I had ever seen! Her hair, a stunning and very natural-looking blonde, was cut in a bob style. She then stood and lowered something down over my head. With that she had me step into the bottoms of the babydoll pjs. They looked kind of like short little bloomer-style panties and there were 4 rows of ruffles across the seat.

We met once or twice a week in her cabana-mostly on my days off-sometimes while I was working. Im sure she just enjoyed having a young man in her control and between her legs, but I still hoped anyway. When I reminded her that she was married, she laughed and said that she hadnt forgotten. After a few drinks, she told me that she had come up with a plan that would allow me to live in her house with her, right under husbands nose. Sitting in the livingroom, watching all those 12 year old girls playing and having fun in their pretty party dresses, gave her a wonderful idea. My huband, she explained, would never suspect if I were to bring home a pretty young girl to live with us. Let me show you.She turned my body so that I woas facing the mirror over the dresser and grabbed my hair in two bunches, creating two thick pigtails in her hands.Look. He laughed when he saw my tiny male member and said, Why youre not a pretty little girl at all are you. Her bangs were straight across and the ends curled in ever so slightly about 3 inches above her soft shoulders. There was a touch of blush on her cheeks and her lips had the faint shine of frosted bubblegum pink. But you need to thank your Mommy.Oh, Im sure she will find a way to say thank you, no need to worry. She pulled them up and the electric charges that went through my body when the satin brushed against my bare skin-my bare balls and spent cock-I had to bite my lip.

I had the equipment of a ten year old and my height and weight didnt help matters. I was wearing a pretty pink dress and ruffled pink panties and shiny black shoes and little lacy socks and there was a large bow in my hair. I talked in my lisping little girl voice about my kitty cat and my stuffed animals and my dolls and my clothes and about all sorts of silly things. I noticed that my chest swelled a little underneath it. But once again, the clothes that had been chosen for me fit like they were made for me. And with that the large woman took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom as if I was a small child. When were ready to do those pageants.You do that Maam. Then she poured me a drink and sat next to me on the bed. Tomorrow night I will take you out and show you off to the world, but tonight you are all mine, Brianna. She told me to stand and when I did she slowly my pretty satin panties down. It barely covered my little member which by then was straining to its maximum 3 inches. I tried to apologize and she told me that it was okay.

I looked like I was 14 and most women dont find that sexy. Femmaker didnt seem to mind-in fact, she seemed almost turned on by the fact. No one would ever believe I was a 12 year old girl. At some point during the dream an older man came over and sat me on his lap. When I practiced enough, Aunty Marion told me that we had to get ready for Rosario. Aunty Marion asked me if I wanted her to finish dressing me, and I said Yeth, pweathe.And she answered, Of course, Precious.A girls t-shirt was pulled down over my head. I pulled the shorts up my legs and button the snap. I was dressed in a plastic smock and then Rosario began to work her magic. Finally Aunty Marion told me to open my eyes and when I did I almost fainted. Ill make her a star.After she was paid and tipped quite well, Rosario left me and Aunty Marion alone in the large suite. Nobody would guess that you were really a 18 year old boy¦or my lover.Weawy? She told me to step out of them and when I did I saw my freshly painted toenails. I think someone likes their new look and new clothes.And with that Aunty Marion took me into her mouth and gave me one serious blowjob. There were other ways for me to please her and for her to please me.

I tried to stammer an apology-an excuse-but she told me to hush. Femmaker then proceeded to push my head down towards her molten sex. Femmaker had one what appeared to be a white nurses uniform and a plastic smock and plastic gloves. We have lots to do and we need to get started.She took my hand and helped me into the tub as if I was a child. It tingled at first, then burned a little, then actually felt cold. When the school girl takes the teachers cock in her mouth, Brianna, I want you to put your thumb in yours and suck on it.Why? I tried to match the sucking action I was seeing on the screen. But first, clean this mess up you left on my belly.But-I-¦NOW! And as instructed, I didnt stop until she had cum 4 times! I crawled out from under the silken covers and still in my little girl baby doll pajamas patted out to the living room area. It was then that I realized how I was dressed and I squealed and ran back into the bedroom and dove under the covers. Aunty Marion told me that I needed to lose a few pounds and also that her husband was very health conscious. Women told me I had lovely hair and beautiful lashes. We ate lunch at a fancy restaurant ( I had the childs special-which came with crayons and a coloring page and free sundae-which my waiter put extra sprinkles on because I was such a cutie) and I only had to be reminded to sit like a proper young lady (knees together and back straight! I really was trying very hard to act the part I was dressed as.

I knew what she wanted and I turned my body around so that I could pleasure her with my well-trained mouth. The water was hot and bubbly and smelled like roses. I was standing there in panties and I was playing with my two little boobies. It had a mediciny taste to it and I must have made a face because she said laughed and said that the bad taste would go away in a minute or two. It was weird, but it did make me feel like I was in the movie. When we were spent and near exhaustion, Aunty Marion pulled my little baby doll bottoms up my smooth legs and tucked me under the covers. Aunty Marion was there talking to a young man who had delivered our breakfast tray. I was given a free balloon by a street vendor because he said, I was the prettiest little girl he had seen that day! I concentrated without making it obvious on my walk and mannerisms.

As I teased and nibbled on the molten folds of her swollen sex, she rubbed her fingers into the sticky mess I had left on her chest. She told me to push out-like I was trying to poop and it would be easier. She slipped inside me all the way to her second knuckle. Baby is doing a great job-but Baby has to keep working his tongue and lips like Mama has shown him.The Baby and the Mama thing was new, but then again so was the fact that Mrs. It did feel really good and I worried about what that meant. Femmakers pussy for what seemed like hours and she had several thunderous orgasms. She told me to sit in the water and soak for a few minutes. The rubber cap was tight and a little more than uncomfortable. Femmaker swiveled a mirror around so that it was directly in front of my face. I bra which matched the panties was slipped over my arms and hooked in back. I just wasnt sure who I was supposed to be, the schoolgirl or the teacher? The top of the plug was narrower than the bottom which had a round base. Aunty Marion told me to spread my legs a little and I did, still sucking my thumb, although now the action on the screen had the schoolgirl bent over the desk, skirt flipped up onto her back, and the teacher behind her, large hard wet cock aimed at her bottom. The way I talked was really out of my control-my voice was still a squeaky octave or two above my normal voice and I still had my adorable lisp.When I had to tinkle-and that was how I was supposed to let Aunty Marion know that I needed to take a piss-I was taken to the ladies room, where per my instructions, I was to sit to pee and then wipe myself afterwards.

She then proceeded to slide her index finger back down into the musky cleft between my tender ass cheeks towards my tight little button. I breathed in a sharp breath as she worked another finger inside me. We finally collapsed into a sweaty sticky bundle on the bed and fell asleep. She told me to use the shaving cream on the shelf and to give myself the closest shave I had ever done. My beard was certainly not thick and the most I could ever manage was a few scraggly hairs on my chin. After 15 minutes of soaking in the hot water I was told to stand. With the bra on, the illusion that I had two budding pubescent breasts was complete. After several minutes, I felt something press itself down between the musky cleft of my butt. Besides, it felt kind good and it wasnt like she was guy! This was what my female lover wanted to do and I was happy to oblige. The plug slipped its way towards my little pink and brown ring and then with a push, slipped inside me up to the first ripple. Push out like youre taking a poo.I did and with another gentle push. I had never seen a she-boy before, but here was one right in front of me in a movie getting ****** by a guy with a huge cock. The teacher put the girl-boys ankles up onto his broad shoulders and slid forward until once again the red hot poker that was the tip of his huge cock slid inside his/her already well-****** bottom. It wouldnt do, Aunty Marion had reminded me, for such a pretty little girl to have a pee stain on the front of her pretty panties.And that was how my four days were spent with Aunty Marion in my crash course on how to be the most perfect little 12 year old girl.

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