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Its programs and projects, such as exhibition and book “Generation ’74.

11 European Photographers born in 1974” feature a vast menu of internationally acclaimed photographers.

But u get youesed tto it and my boyfriend is very effectionate and loving aswell as caring ...they don't tell you everythink at first but I'm sure once he knows he can fully trust you without having an argument and throwing shit back in there face they will open up to you.

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no problems telling me "dont do that "dont wear that " and as im irish it didnt last too long !

Oh my god I'm so glad I found this its toattally answerd all of my questions because my bf is secrative, quite, doesn't like talking and not very loveing but he can be. I really like him and was worryed he didn't like me but I found this thanks for answering all my prays :) First of all why would you date somebody of any culture who is not loving ,aggressive and doesn't want to communicate ?

Don't like to be asked questions because at the end of the day he might feel like you dont trust him so he doesn't like being asked.

very much depends from family : if the father used to beat mother son will do the same with he's wife , for example: My father life is not attacking the mother , so i newer beat my girlfriend , We Lithuanians do not like to talk without sense (Lithuanian Quote says:better to keep quiet than appear foolish) , 're not Smiling for 2 reasons : do not want to look stupid or high-cost dental services Our teeth do not seem aesthetically , my house is my fortress so there s: I put money in building a self comfort , I am at home - the safest so, only then I feel great , family is like a wall , and therefore we believe only for family not for friends or something , Disliked spend a lot of money cafes, restaurants and constructing houses and fortune i dated a lithuanian guy and i can safely say he was the same secretive and abit controlling over my life !

i recently met a lithuanian man and he was reluctant to tell me even his name.

he asked what is it to me, hehe...i personally like how he is.Thanks to a variety of exhibitions, ranging from venues of National M. Čiurlionis Art Museum, to mid-sided galleries, such as Kaunas Photography Gallery, Meno Parkas gallery, Post Gallery, smaller adapted venues and outdoor exhibitions, KAUNAS PHOTO festival is the most attended photographic event in Lithuania, comprising 200-300 participants per year’s program and counting its audience by tens of thousands of local visitors.Besides numerous exhibitions, the festival publishes photography books, hosts artist talks, projection nights, portfolio reviews KAUNAS PHOTO STAR and organises annual distance-based portfolio reviews on its on-line platform, folio Besides domestically hosted exhibitions in Kaunas, the festival also shows exhibitions in other Lithuanian towns and villages.Moreover, KAUNAS PHOTO holds exhibitions (of mostly Lithuanian photography) abroad.Since its beginning in 2004, “Kaunas Photo” festival was co-organised by the Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Association of Art Photographers, known as Kaunas Photography Gallery, which remains the strategic partner in the years to come.

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